The «Warm» Timber

 Our specialists have developed a conceptually new type of glulam for housing construction. It combines a thermal technology of a frame house with the aesthetics of glulam technology. Our know-how lies in the fact that this type of timber contains special cavities which can be filled with different types of insulators. Due to the advanced technology, it is almost impossible to distinguish hollow wood structures from those made from solid sawn timber.

The space between the exterior and interior facades makes it possible to:

  1. considerably simplify the installation of utility systems (water and wastewater systems, electricity, and heating);
  2. reduce the overall weight of the building;
  3. use different types of insulation materials to optimize aheat conductivity coefficient.

The benefits of glulam:

• no deformation when in service;
• high-strength of the material in comparison with common timber;
• low thermal conductivity;
• low height shrinkage;
• high-quality surface;
• the tongue-and-groove joints allow two flat pieces to be joined strongly together to prevent moisture penetration;
• the walls look monolithic and need no additional finishing;
• corner joints are tight and impervious to water;
• considerable savings on construction time;

  • this timber is free of pests;
    • high fire resistance;
    • all materials are 100% ecological;
    • the dimensions of the woodwork are chosen according to your preferences.

All materials are manufactured at our partner factory according to the EU standards as confirmed by certificates.

Among the main distinguishing features of glued laminated timber, it is worth mentioning:

  • High quality of the surface. Before bonding together individual pieces of timber all knots and defects are removed and pieces of timber are selected according to their colour and texture. That is why all glulam products look irreproachable.
  • Stability of dimensions. In comparison with solid timber, glulam retains its shape and dimensions over time. It neither shrinks, nor warps due to stress relieving in the glued laminated timber as a result of preliminary drying using special technologies.

 Material strength. Glulam laminated timber is 50 to 70% stronger in comparison with solid timber.

High thermal characteristics. This factor greatly reduces the cost of heating equipment operation. Expenses for heating a glulam house are 2.5 to 3 times lower than those for a brick house.